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  • Baixar la cadira.Girar la fusta i tipus bosc.Des de la meitat de la sala apareixen galopant els cavalls

Narrator: Some people are coming from the end of the forest. Who are they?

Boy: I don’t like this forest.

Prince: Why? It looks quiet.

Boy: The legend says that in this enchanted forest there are some dwarfs that eat people.

Prince: Dwarfs? jajaja

Boy: It’s time to go home.

Prince: Go home? No, we took this trip to experience lots of adventures.

Boy: Adventures?

Prince: What´s that noise?

Boy: Noise? Oh, no… It could be the dangerous dwarfs.

(the dwarfs come in)

dwarf 1: Quick they’re  mine.

(they start fighting; at the end of the fight the prince and the boy fall to the ground)

Prince: I don’t want to fight with you anymore

dwarf 2: We won!

Prince: You, you are dwarfs!!

dwarf 3: Do you give up?

Prince: I don’t want to fight with some little boys.

dwarf 4: You won’t  think the same when I kill you or your friend

dwarf 5: Calm down brother. We only want their gold. Here, there is a big bag full of gold.

dwarf 6: Gold? for real?

dwarf 7: I´ll make sure (he bites one to see if its real) Yes, these coins are real.

Prince: Stop, that bag is mine.

dwarf 1: Yours?

Prince: Yes, give it to me right now.

Boy: Give them what they want sir.
Prince: Give them our coins? No!  ( he pulls up his sleeves to fight )

Boy: But sir…

Prince: I´ll teach these kids a lesson

(everyone turns around at once towards the prince)

dwarf 2: Boys?

( they tie them up)
dwarf 2: Bye bye big men.

dwarfs: jajaja. And now, this money is for us. jajjaja

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     A escenari hi ha una cadira majestuosa, la fusta de rodes amb roba enganxada als ganxos i la Blancaneus dormint sobre un coixí.
( We can put the images from the beginning of the movie while the narrator speaks  min.0.38 -  2.20)

Narrator: Once upon a time, in a beautiful place, a beautiful princess was born, her skin was fair as the snow and her hair was black as the night and her lips red as blood. Her name was Snow white. Her mummy died when she was very young. Her father, the king, looked after her and loved her very much.
Everybody lived happily and they had lots of parties.
The king thought that the little princess needed a mummy, and he got married to the new queen.
The queen was the most beautiful woman in the world.
They lived quietly in the castle, but, one day , the king had to go away and he never returned.

Snow white: ( she wakes up). Good morning! I slept so well ( les cornetes sit down ). Today is the day of the party. I need to wash my face and brush my hair.  ( Snow white turns the piece of wood where theres a red cloth picturing the castel)

( the stepmother comes up)

Stepmother: Everything is perfect, its going to be a fantastic party.

Brighton: Well, not everything is perfect….the kingdom is really poor, unhappy and sad.

Stepmother: Who says that?

Brighton: The people in the kingdom say that.

Stepmother: Guard, go to town and tell the people that if somebody says something bad about me, I`ll send them to prison!

Guard: Okay Queen, I`ll go to town and I’ll let everybody know. With your permission ( he makes a cursty and leaves)

Brighton: Do you want to get married to me? I’ll help you resolve your problems.

Stepmother: Guard

(Snow white steps in )

Stepmother: Snow white, is there a fire in your bedroom?

Snow White: A fire?  In my bedroom?

Stepmother: Yes, because you are outside your bedroom, and the only time you`re suppposed to be out of your bedroom is if there is a fire….

Snow White: No, I want to go to the party. I love parties and this one is going to be fantastic.

Stepmother: To the party?

Snow White: Yes, today is my birthay, I’m 18.

Stepmother: Yes, yes, happy birthay. You are a good girl... I don’t know why but you stress me.

Snow White: I stress you?

Stepmother: I don’t know why, it could be your shoulders, or your skin, or your hair… Yes, is your hair, your hair and you…… Don`t come to the party without my permission.

Snow White: Sorry.

Stepmother: (the stepmother gets up and points to the public) All of this and you are mine. I’m the queen.


1.    Sceneman: Lluc

2.    Narrator: Ona

3.    Snow white: Neus

4.    Stepmother:Alba T.

5.    Brighton: Isaac

6.    Guard/ king: Adrià M.

7.    Prince: Joel

8.    Boy 1: Adrià A

9.    dwarfs 1: Marc

10. dwarfs 2:Cristina

11. dwarfs 3: Gemma

12. dwarfs 4: Larisa

13. dwarfs 5: Alexia

14. dwarfs 6: Núria Diana

15. dwarfs 7: Rafael

16. helper: Núria C.

17. Mirror: Alba S.

18. People 1: Greys

19. People 2: David

20. People 3: Sol

21. People 4: Omaima

22.  Monster: ?


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Last Friday was the last day we did castings in "Theatre in English" our students did an exelent job!

El passat divendres va ser l'últim dia de castings a "Theatre in English" els nostres estudiants han fet molt bona feina!

dimarts, 22 de novembre de 2016


We are doing castings in the subject "Theatre in English". Last Friday, some students did their performance very well! Here you can see a short video! It was really fun!

Estem fent càstigs a l'assignatura "Theatre in English". El passat divendres, algunes alumnes van començar i van actuar molt bé! Aquí teniu un petit vídeo del que va passar a la classe! Va ser molt divertit! 

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