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  • Baixar la cadira.Girar la fusta i tipus bosc.Des de la meitat de la sala apareixen galopant els cavalls

Narrator: Some people are coming from the end of the forest. Who are they?

Boy: I don’t like this forest.

Prince: Why? It looks quiet.

Boy: The legend says that in this enchanted forest there are some dwarfs that eat people.

Prince: Dwarfs? jajaja

Boy: It’s time to go home.

Prince: Go home? No, we took this trip to experience lots of adventures.

Boy: Adventures?

Prince: What´s that noise?

Boy: Noise? Oh, no… It could be the dangerous dwarfs.

(the dwarfs come in)

dwarf 1: Quick they’re  mine.

(they start fighting; at the end of the fight the prince and the boy fall to the ground)

Prince: I don’t want to fight with you anymore

dwarf 2: We won!

Prince: You, you are dwarfs!!

dwarf 3: Do you give up?

Prince: I don’t want to fight with some little boys.

dwarf 4: You won’t  think the same when I kill you or your friend

dwarf 5: Calm down brother. We only want their gold. Here, there is a big bag full of gold.

dwarf 6: Gold? for real?

dwarf 7: I´ll make sure (he bites one to see if its real) Yes, these coins are real.

Prince: Stop, that bag is mine.

dwarf 1: Yours?

Prince: Yes, give it to me right now.

Boy: Give them what they want sir.
Prince: Give them our coins? No!  ( he pulls up his sleeves to fight )

Boy: But sir…

Prince: I´ll teach these kids a lesson

(everyone turns around at once towards the prince)

dwarf 2: Boys?

( they tie them up)
dwarf 2: Bye bye big men.

dwarfs: jajaja. And now, this money is for us. jajjaja

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