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SCENE 5 The wedding!

Narrator: The king is in his castle, he is dying and Stefan has got Maleficent’s wings.

King: What’s this?

Stefan: Maleficent’s wings.

King: Did she dissapered?

Stefan: Yes, I have avenged you, Sir.

 King: You will be rewarded.

Stefan: I’ll do my best to be a worthy succesor your Majesty. 

Helper: This is fantastic! This are Maleficent’s wings! (content)

King: Where is the princess?

Helper: In a minute, Sir.

Princess: Hi daddy. How are you, today? (molt carinyosa)

 King: I’m dying, but I’m so happy because you’ll have a husband.

Princess: A husband?

King: Yes, he is going to be your husband. He has avenged me. Helper bring the rings. (els agafa de les mans un a cada costat i els hi fa donar)

Helper: Here they are, Sir. (es posen les anells l’un a l’altre)

*Música de boda

King: Live happily ever after. (el rei mort)

Princess: Daddyyyyy. (plora)

Helper: (li treu la corona i li posa a l’Stefan) Now you’ll be the new King, and you, beautiful princess will be the Queen. Long live the King! Long live the Queen.

Resultat d'imatges de malefica rei

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SCENE 4 Maleficent’s wings

Narrator: Stefan wants the King’s crown and he goes to see Maleficent in her magic kingdom.

Stefan: Maleficent! Maleficent! (busca a la Malèfica, de cop i volta apareix darrera seu)

Maleficent: So...How is life with the humans? (enfadada,  trista…)

Stefan: They are very ambicious. Humans always think about power and money.

Maleficent: And you?

Stefan: Not me, I’m your friend.

Maleficent: What are you doing here?

Stefan: I want to help you.

Maleficent: Me? Why?

Stefan: The king is dying and he wants to kill you. The person that kills you will become the next King.

Maleficent: The next king? Thank you for warning me.

Narrator: Maleficent and Stefan are friends again. But look Stefan has got a sword in his pocket. (mentre parla el narrador, s’assenten a un racó de l’escenari)

Stefan: Are you thirsty?

Maleficent: Yes, thank you. (la Maleficent beu i s’adorm)

Stefan: I’m sorry Maleficent but I want to be the next king. (L’intenta matar però s’atura, es mira les ales i li talla).

(La Malèfica es desperta)

Maleficent:  Auch. What’s this pain? Ooooh no, my wings. Stefan, why did you do this? We were friends! (plorant i tocant-se l’esquena, es torna a dormir plorant).

Imatge relacionada

SCENE 3 The king wants revenge!

Narrator: The king is dying and he needs a successor, a new king for the humans to marry his daughter, the Queen.

King: Come here, come here everybody.

Helper: Your majesty.

King: When I assended to the thrown… I promised the people (el rei tos mentre parla…) one day we would take the magic kingdom and its treasures… (el rei tos molt).

Helper: Your majesty, are you ok?

King: No... I’m dying. (tos)

Helper: No, we need you here with us. You are our king.

King: I was defeated in battle…. and its Maleficients fault! (crida aquesta última frase)

Helper: What do you need Sir? Resultat d'imatges de maleficent king

King: I want revenge! I want Maleficent ‘s wings.

Helper: Your majesty...but she is a fairy!

King: Kill that creature and you will take the crown, you will marry my daughter and be the next King! (assenyala la corona)

Helper:  We’ll take care of your daughter

Stefan: (mirant al públic) That’s fantastic. I’ll be the next king.

Helper: Stefan, let’s go! The king wants us to kill Maleficent.  King, if you need anything else, please, ring the bell.

(marxen Stefan i Helper)

King: Maleficent, you are going to die!

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SCENE 2: The war between kingdoms

Narrator: Stephan and Maleficent grew apart in their lands. He was more ambitious each day and Maleficent became the strongest of the fairies and the protector of the kingdom. Maleficent loved Stefan but he never returned.

One day, the king of humans attacked the magic kingmdom.

Resultat d'imatges de maleficent king(a l’escenari hi ha en una banda tres criatures del regne de la màgia i al fos els dos arbres quiets, i a l’altra el rei i els guàrdies)

king: Let’s attack the misteriuous creatures that live in this kingdom. (aixeca la espasa)

Guard 1: Yes, Sir, we are ready to attack them.

(Maleficent entra i crida) 

Maleficent: Don’t do it!!!

King: I’m the king! nobody orders me what to do.

Maleficent: You are not my king!

Guard 2: Sir, should we attack??

King: Bring her to me!!!

Guard 1: At your command.

( els ataquen i els dos arbres es comencen a moure, els prenen les espases i s’emporten el guàrdies y ataquen al Rei )

King: Noooo, it’s impossible.  I will kill you! This kingdom will be mine.

Maleficent: No, this Kingdom will never be yours, not now…. not ever!

(El rei cau)

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SCENE 1: Maleficent, a young fairy!

Imatge relacionada

Narrator: Once upon a time there were two Kingdoms that did not like each other at all. In one kingdom lived humans, like you and me. But it had a villain and ambitious King.  In the other kingdom there were magic and wonderful things.  There lived a beautiful girl, she was a fairy, her name was Maleficent. ( entra la maleficent )
In this kingdom everybody was happy and perfect.

Young Maleficent: Hello everybody, I’m Maleficent. I live in this fantastic kingdom.

Creature 1: Maleficent.

Resultat d'imatges de maleficent moorsCreature 2: Someone…

Creature 3: No, I’ll explain.

Creature 1: No!!!, me...

Young Maleficent: Well, What happened?

Creature 2: A thief...

Creature 3: There is a human in our kingdom trying to steal a jewel.

(Les fades la miren malament)

Creature 3: sorry…

Young Maleficent: A human? Where is he?

Creature 1: There, behind those trees.

( assenyala la fusta de rodes )

Creature 2: I don’t like humans

Creature 3: Me neither. (marxen les fades)

(Entra el Yong Stephen)

Tree 1: Be careful Maleficent!

Tree 2: Yes! It can be dangerous!

Young Maleficent: Come out, please! Who are you?

Young Stefan: Noooo, they are going to kill me!

Tree 1: Don’t worry!

Tree 2: We won’t hurt you!

(Young stephan surt de darrera la fusta)

Young Maleficent: You are just a boy!

Young Stefan: You are just a girl!
Resultat d'imatges de maleficent moors
Young Maleficent: What’s your name?

Young Stefan: Stephan. And yours.

Young Maleficent: Maleficent. Give me what you stole!

Young Stefan: Me?

Young Maleficent: Yes, Give it to me!

 (Li dona la pedra i la Maleficent la deixa al seu lloc).

Young Stefan: If I had known you were going to throw it away, I would have kept it.

Young Maleficent: I didn’t throw it. I returned it to its place.


Young Stefan: One day, I will live in this castle.

Young Maleficent: Where do you live now?

Young Stefan: In a farm.

Young Maleficent: Are your parents farmers?

Young Stefan: My parents are dead.

Young Maleficent:  Mine, too.


Young Stefan: See you!

Young Maleficent: Don’t come again. It’s not safe.

Young Stefan: If I come back, will you be here?

Young Maleficent: Perhaps….Aaaarg!!!!!

Young Stefan: What’s wrong?

Young Maleficent: Iron hurts my wings (es treu l’anell de ferro i el tira)

Young Stefan: I’m sorry, I like you wings.

(s’agafen de les mans. A darrera seu apareixen Maleficent i Stephan de grans mentre el narrador parla)

Narrator: Maleficent and the boy grew up and become good friends and throughout the days, this friendship turned into love.


  1. Sceneman
  1. Narrator
  1. Young Maleficent
  1. Creature 1
  1. Creature 2
  1. Creature 3
  1. Young Stephan
  1. Maleficent
  1. Stephan
  1. Old king
  1. guard 1
  1. guard 2
  1. tree 1( no parla)
  1. tree 2 ( no parla)
  1. King’s helper
  1. Farmer
  1. Bird ( pot tenir una titella d’ocell per quan ha de fer d’ocell i treure-se-la quan fa de persona)
  1. Blue fairy
  1. Red fairy
  1. Yellow fairy
  1. town 1
  1. town 2
  1. town 3
  1. Princess & Queen
  1. Aurora
  1. Philip


Resultat d'imatges de maleficent

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Stepmother: Mirror, mirror, Where is Snow White? Is she dead?

Mirror: She will get married with the Prince and her daddy, the King is with them.

Stepmother: The King?

Mirror: Yes, he is alive. Now you must pay the price for using magic.

Stepmother: The price?

Mirror: Yes, remember, a big price.

Stepmother: ( she starts to feel dizzy she goes in circles and behind the woooden board she puts on the old lady wig. She returns to the stage going round and round like before and then she looks at herself on the mirror) Noooooo,  its impossible.

Mirror: Yes,its possible, now you aren’t young, you are old and wrinkled.

( Stepmother runs away and the mirror  leaves slowly. Take down the wooden board from the stage)

(The wedding bells sound and everyone goes up stage: people from the kingdom, boy, Brighton, helper, king, Prince, Snow white, dwarfs)

People 1: Long live the King!

People 2: Yes, Long live the King!

Helper: I’m so happy for you my princess

Brighton: Me too.

(The stepmother goes towards Snow white wearing a black cape that covers her head)

Stepmother: Congratulations.  ( she gives her an apple ) This apple is for you.

Snow White: ( she’s about to eat it but she returns it to the old lady ) You must accept that you lost!

( stepmother bites the apple and falls down dead on the floor )

( Happy music end of party!)

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  • Forest

Narrator: The Prince drank the potion and now he loves the Queen.

Prince:  Where is my darling? Queen! Where are you?

dwarf 1: Your darling?

dwarf 2: You love Snow White

dwarf 3: Yes, she is a very good person

dwarf 4: And the prettiest in ther world

dwarf 5: Do you want to marry her?

Prince:  No

dwarf 6: The Queen gave him a potion and now, he loves the Queen.

dwarf 7: Snow White, hug him!  and you´ll break the spell

Snow White: Really?

dwarf 7: Yes, I’m sure ( unenchanting music )

Prince:  ( he falls to the ground and when he wakes up) You, you… I love you Snow White.

( background music sounds and the dwarfs leave the scene)
( the stepmother and the beast go up the stage )

Stepmother: Hello Snow white.Today, you will die!!!

Prince:  No, I´ll help her!

( the stepmother snaps her fingers and he falls to the ground )

Stepmother: Good luck with the beast .hahahahha

(  the beast appears, it fights with Snow white and she stabs him with the knife The beast is in lots of pain, he hides himself behind the wooden board and while Snow white wakes up the Prince the king appears)  

King:Where am I?

Snow White: Daddy.

King: You, you are so big.

Snow White: Daddy, I’m so happy, you are alive.

King: Hello my little Princess. Who is he?

Snow White: He is the Prince. I love him.

King: Then you must live together forever.

dwarfs: ( The dwarfs downstage say Hurray!!!)

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Narrator: Mirror, mirror, on the wall……. her information will be very important for this story.

Stepmother:  What are doing without your jacket again?

Prince: Well… Snow White stole it, again!

Stepmother:  Snow White? Are you drunk?

Prince: No! It was Snow white. You lied to me.

Stepmother:  Snow white is dead. Right Brighton?

Brighton:  Right. It could have been another girl that looked like Snow white.

Prince: No! She was Snow White.

Stepmother:  I need to be alone. Go away!
( The mirror comes out from behind the wood)

Stepmother:  Mirror, mirror, on the wall where is Snow white?

Mirror: Snow white is in the forest. She lives in a little house with seven dwarfs.

Stepmother:  No!

Mirror: Yes, Brighton didn’t kill her and now she is very happy there. She is learning defend herself.

Stepmother:  Help me!

Mirror: Do you want to get married to the Prince?

Stepmother:  Yes

Mirror: But, you will have to pay a big price for it

Stepmother:  Thats not a problem.

Mirror: Put this potion in his glass and he’ll love you very much.

Stepmother:  Thank you

Mirror: Remeber the price will be big.

Stepmother:  Big, big, give me the potion.

Mirror: Put this potion in his glass and he’ll love you very much.

Stepmother:  Perfect!

Prince, Where are you?

Prince: Hello Queen. Do you ever think about Snow white?

Stepmother:  Yes, lets have a drink. I want to be your friend.

Prince: Cheers!

(the prince faints and falls, when he wakes up he looks lovingly at the stepmother)

Prince: My darling, do you want to marry me?

Stepmother: Yes, of course. One moment, I will get ready.

( the Queen leaves)
(Snow white and the dwarfs go up the stage )

dwarf 1: Come here, come with us.

Prince: Noooo, I love the Queen

( they grab him and take him down)
(wedding music)
( the stepmother goes up)

Stepmother: Prince? Where are you? Aaaargh, Snow White ( yelling )

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Narrator: Look! someone is coming  and he looks very angry…. probably because the dwarfs stole everything he had.

Prince:  Little dwarfs, come here!, we want the Queens’ money. 

( the dwarfs go up the stage to fight. Snow white hides behind the forest wood)

dwarf 1: Are you sure?

dwarf 2: We will take your jacket again!

dwarf 3: What are you doing here?

Prince:  We want the money back!

Boy:  Well, if it’s possible…

Prince:  Possible? Give me the money!! I’m the Prince of Bellpuig!

dwarf 4: The Prince!

( they fight and the dwarfs take his jacket and sword )

dwarf 5: Another jacket, perfect!

Snow white:  Very good, little dwarfs. ( she turns around and sees that is the Prince) And you? What are you doing here?

Boy: You are alive.

Prince:  We want the Queens’ money.

Snow white:  She’s very bad, I told you.  Are you helping her?

Prince:  You, you are a “traitor”

Snow white:  Me?  Go away and explain the Queen that now, this money is for the people from the kingdom.

Boy: Yes, yes, we will leave now.

(the Prince leaves very angrily and the boy was really scared )

dwarf 6: Perfect Snow white.

dwarf 7: Snow White, Snow White!!!! (calling her )

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Totes aquestes robes són orientatives.

SCENEMAN (Lluc)                                                                            
Texans, americana, pajarita (si potser), bambes (no cal sabates).                                                                                           

Vestida amb faldilla o vestit negre (pantalons millor que no).

Un vestit de princesa (potser de la comunió) o de blancaneus. Pot ser els dos i que un se’l posi pel ball (el de princesa). Sino, pel ball pot portar un complement (corona, capa, etc).


STEPMOTHER (Alba Torres)
Un vestit de princesa (del color que tingueu) si potser pompós i vermell o vistós millor. Portar algún altre complement (corona, capa…) pel ball.

Una capa gran per fer de velleta al final.

Pantalons negres, camisa blanca, botes, espasa, armilla o americana. Pel ball també pot portar alguna americana o corona o algo més lluent o de mudar.

BOY (Adrià Aymerich)
Camisa blanca, pantalons marrons, botes marrons i armilla. Espasa i/o algún complement. Pot anar com el princep però amb marró.

DWARFS (Marc, Gemma, Alèxia, Cristina, Larisa, Núria D, Rafael)
Poden portar roba marró o verdosa (colors de bosc). Si volen camisó llarg i agafat amb un cinturó i leggins a sota. Poden portar complements d’acord amb el seu personatge o no. Per exemple:

dwarf 1: Wolf   (llop) Una pell o una capa d’animal (sinó també potser barret o llança).
dwarf 2: sneezy (que estarnuda) Un mocador al coll
dwarf 3: Sleepy (dormilega) un mocador al cap
dwarf 4: bashful (timid) Una bossa o bastó.
dwarf 5: doc (sabi) ulleres
dwarf 6: grumpy (està de mal humor) un barret
dwarf 7: Happy (content) una capa, llança o barret.

MIRROR (Alba Serra)
Roba blanca senzilla. Camisa blanca i faldilla llarga tirada o vestit blanc llarg (si la blancaneu porta vestit blanc haurem de mirar que no siguin massa iguals, sino canviariem de vestuari)

Camisa blanca, armilla, americana i pantalons foscos. Un llaç o mocador al coll. Sabates fosques. Opcional (si es pot fer o tenir): posar a les mànigues de la americana volants, alguna perruca estil Mozart o algún complement que vegueu adient.

HELPER (Núria Caro)
Faldilla fosca i devantal. Camisa blanca o d’un altre color. Barret de cuina o algún altre complement.

MONSTER (Núria Caro)
Llençol blanc o alguna carota de monstre.

PEOPLE OF THE VILLAGE (David, Greys, Omaima i Sol)
Heu de portar dues mudes! Una per fer de gent del poble pobra i una altra de mudar per fer de gent del ball de gala.

Gent del poble
-       Les noies amb faldilla llarga (fosca), camisa, davantal(d’un sol color), mocador al cap i sabates de catalaneta (d’espart). Si potser roba vella o una mica bruta millor (embrutada espressament).
-       El David amb pantalons, camisa, sabates de catalanet (Si potser de colors foscos millor, almenys el pantaló).

Gent del Ball

-       Les noies vestit de princesa o faldilla pomposa de colors vius o vistosos.
-       El David Pantalons, americana (negres) camisa blanca, i sabates.

     Nota: no cal anar blancs. Només anar arreglats.

GUARD (Adrià Monné)
Tot negre, botes negres. Amb casc (del carnaval) i llança.

KING (Adrià Monné)
Camisa llarga d’algun color vistós (groc, blau), leggins, cinturó, capa, botes i corona. (de sota pot anar negre com pel guarida).