dijous, 12 de gener de 2017


     Girar la fusta i hi ha la tela vermella del castell.

( Snow white comes in the scene looking really sad)

Helper: (Comes behind her and scares her a little) Happy birthday my princess.

Snow white: Thank you, you remembered!

Helper: Yes, of course! today is your birthday and you are eighteen!
Snow white: Yes, eighteen.

Helper: You know my wish for your birthday?

Snow white: You can’t make a wish for me…

Helper: One day you are going to get your kingdom back and you are going to be the Queen. This is for you my princess.

Snow white: For me?

Helper: Is your father’s knife... the kings’ dagger..

Snow white: What can I do with this?

Helper: You must see with your own eyes what goes on in your kingdom.

Snow white: What’s happening?

Helper: (looking and pointing out to the public) Everybody is sad, really sad. They never have parties, they never smile. They need your help, they need to see who you really are, and you need to believe…

Snow white: Ok. I´ll go out. (she grabs something to go out)

Guard 1: Where are you going?

Snow white: Outside.

Guard 1: Have you got permission?

Snow white: Yes.

( stepmother comes in )

Stepmother: Go away guard.

Guard: Yes, as you say my Queen (makes a reverence)

( grabs the mirror) 

Stepmother: Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Mirror: Hello my Queen. What do you want to know today?

Stepmother: Today I’m so furious.

Mirror: Furious?

Stepmother: Yes, a man wanted to marry me

Mirror: You should have accepted his proposition.

Stepmother: Accept? Why?

Mirror: You aren’t young anymore

 (stepmother looks at herself in the mirror)

Stepmother: I am young and perfect

Mirror: But Snow white is growing up and each day she is more and more beautiful.

Stepmother: Silly things. I’m the best! Bye (she pushes the mirror so she can go out)

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