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Stepmother: Mirror, mirror, Where is Snow White? Is she dead?

Mirror: She will get married with the Prince and her daddy, the King is with them.

Stepmother: The King?

Mirror: Yes, he is alive. Now you must pay the price for using magic.

Stepmother: The price?

Mirror: Yes, remember, a big price.

Stepmother: ( she starts to feel dizzy she goes in circles and behind the woooden board she puts on the old lady wig. She returns to the stage going round and round like before and then she looks at herself on the mirror) Noooooo,  its impossible.

Mirror: Yes,its possible, now you aren’t young, you are old and wrinkled.

( Stepmother runs away and the mirror  leaves slowly. Take down the wooden board from the stage)

(The wedding bells sound and everyone goes up stage: people from the kingdom, boy, Brighton, helper, king, Prince, Snow white, dwarfs)

People 1: Long live the King!

People 2: Yes, Long live the King!

Helper: I’m so happy for you my princess

Brighton: Me too.

(The stepmother goes towards Snow white wearing a black cape that covers her head)

Stepmother: Congratulations.  ( she gives her an apple ) This apple is for you.

Snow White: ( she’s about to eat it but she returns it to the old lady ) You must accept that you lost!

( stepmother bites the apple and falls down dead on the floor )

( Happy music end of party!)

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