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Narrator: The Prince drank the potion and now he loves the Queen.

Prince:  Where is my darling? Queen! Where are you?

dwarf 1: Your darling?

dwarf 2: You love Snow White

dwarf 3: Yes, she is a very good person

dwarf 4: And the prettiest in ther world

dwarf 5: Do you want to marry her?

Prince:  No

dwarf 6: The Queen gave him a potion and now, he loves the Queen.

dwarf 7: Snow White, hug him!  and you´ll break the spell

Snow White: Really?

dwarf 7: Yes, I’m sure ( unenchanting music )

Prince:  ( he falls to the ground and when he wakes up) You, you… I love you Snow White.

( background music sounds and the dwarfs leave the scene)
( the stepmother and the beast go up the stage )

Stepmother: Hello Snow white.Today, you will die!!!

Prince:  No, I´ll help her!

( the stepmother snaps her fingers and he falls to the ground )

Stepmother: Good luck with the beast .hahahahha

(  the beast appears, it fights with Snow white and she stabs him with the knife The beast is in lots of pain, he hides himself behind the wooden board and while Snow white wakes up the Prince the king appears)  

King:Where am I?

Snow White: Daddy.

King: You, you are so big.

Snow White: Daddy, I’m so happy, you are alive.

King: Hello my little Princess. Who is he?

Snow White: He is the Prince. I love him.

King: Then you must live together forever.

dwarfs: ( The dwarfs downstage say Hurray!!!)

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