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SCENE 5 The wedding!

Narrator: The king is in his castle, he is dying and Stefan has got Maleficent’s wings.

King: What’s this?

Stefan: Maleficent’s wings.

King: Did she dissapered?

Stefan: Yes, I have avenged you, Sir.

 King: You will be rewarded.

Stefan: I’ll do my best to be a worthy succesor your Majesty. 

Helper: This is fantastic! This are Maleficent’s wings! (content)

King: Where is the princess?

Helper: In a minute, Sir.

Princess: Hi daddy. How are you, today? (molt carinyosa)

 King: I’m dying, but I’m so happy because you’ll have a husband.

Princess: A husband?

King: Yes, he is going to be your husband. He has avenged me. Helper bring the rings. (els agafa de les mans un a cada costat i els hi fa donar)

Helper: Here they are, Sir. (es posen les anells l’un a l’altre)

*Música de boda

King: Live happily ever after. (el rei mort)

Princess: Daddyyyyy. (plora)

Helper: (li treu la corona i li posa a l’Stefan) Now you’ll be the new King, and you, beautiful princess will be the Queen. Long live the King! Long live the Queen.

Resultat d'imatges de malefica rei

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