dijous, 19 de gener de 2017


  • Fusta de bosc i els dos lligats
Narrator: The Prince and the boy are alone in the forest. The seven dwarfs stole all their money.

Boy:Help, help us.

Prince: Shut up, nobody is here.

Boy: You don´t know that for sure, help, help!

Snow white: What are you doing here?

Boy: Seven dwarfs attacked us.

Prince: Seven dangerous dwarfs. Help us!

Snow white: And the magic word?

Prince: Okay, PLEASE?

Snow white: Perfect don’t worry I´ll help you.  ( she cuts the ropes with her father’s dagger )

Boy: The Prince... ( the prince slightly hits the boy) ...we are so thankful.

Prince: Yes, thank you very much. Where are you going?

Snow white: I’m going south.

Boy: We’re going north. Thank you so much. Bye.

( Snow white turns around to see them and then countinues on her way)

Prince: She turned around, she turned around!!!

Boy: Go, go, go….

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