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      Fusta de Castell i cadira de la reina.

Guard 1: Somebody wants to speak with you.

Stepmother: I can’t, I haven’t got time.

Guard 1: Is a young boy, he is almost naked.

Stepmother: Then... perfect. Come in!
Prince: Hello Queen, I’m the Prince of Bellpuig.

Stepmother: Hello, nice to meet you. What do you need?

Prince: First, a coat, please, I’m cold.

Stepmother: Mmmm ( she can’t remember  Brightons’ name )

Brighton: Brighton!

Stepmother: Brighton please, bring a coat for the Prince of Bellpuig.

Brighton: Yes, in a minute my Queen.

Stepmother: Is Bellpuig a poor town?

Boy: No, is a beautiful and productive city. Our crops are perfect and everybody lives happily there.

Stepmother: Today there is a party in my castle, please, relax in one of the bedrooms and come to the party with us later.

Prince: Perfect, thank you very much.

( the guard walks with the prince and the boy)

Stepmother: Brighton.

Brighton: Yes my darling.

Stepmother: Stop, I´m not your darling. We will have a fantastic party and I´ll get married to the Prince. He has got a lot of money.

Brighton: But, how will you pay for the party?

Stepmother: I´ll steal it from the people

Brighton: But… they are so poor.

Stepmother: Go, go, go. I need to get ready for the party. 

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