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SCENE 1: Maleficent, a young fairy!

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Narrator: Once upon a time there were two Kingdoms that did not like each other at all. In one kingdom lived humans, like you and me. But it had a villain and ambitious King.  In the other kingdom there were magic and wonderful things.  There lived a beautiful girl, she was a fairy, her name was Maleficent. ( entra la maleficent )
In this kingdom everybody was happy and perfect.

Young Maleficent: Hello everybody, I’m Maleficent. I live in this fantastic kingdom.

Creature 1: Maleficent.

Resultat d'imatges de maleficent moorsCreature 2: Someone…

Creature 3: No, I’ll explain.

Creature 1: No!!!, me...

Young Maleficent: Well, What happened?

Creature 2: A thief...

Creature 3: There is a human in our kingdom trying to steal a jewel.

(Les fades la miren malament)

Creature 3: sorry…

Young Maleficent: A human? Where is he?

Creature 1: There, behind those trees.

( assenyala la fusta de rodes )

Creature 2: I don’t like humans

Creature 3: Me neither. (marxen les fades)

(Entra el Yong Stephen)

Tree 1: Be careful Maleficent!

Tree 2: Yes! It can be dangerous!

Young Maleficent: Come out, please! Who are you?

Young Stefan: Noooo, they are going to kill me!

Tree 1: Don’t worry!

Tree 2: We won’t hurt you!

(Young stephan surt de darrera la fusta)

Young Maleficent: You are just a boy!

Young Stefan: You are just a girl!
Resultat d'imatges de maleficent moors
Young Maleficent: What’s your name?

Young Stefan: Stephan. And yours.

Young Maleficent: Maleficent. Give me what you stole!

Young Stefan: Me?

Young Maleficent: Yes, Give it to me!

 (Li dona la pedra i la Maleficent la deixa al seu lloc).

Young Stefan: If I had known you were going to throw it away, I would have kept it.

Young Maleficent: I didn’t throw it. I returned it to its place.


Young Stefan: One day, I will live in this castle.

Young Maleficent: Where do you live now?

Young Stefan: In a farm.

Young Maleficent: Are your parents farmers?

Young Stefan: My parents are dead.

Young Maleficent:  Mine, too.


Young Stefan: See you!

Young Maleficent: Don’t come again. It’s not safe.

Young Stefan: If I come back, will you be here?

Young Maleficent: Perhaps….Aaaarg!!!!!

Young Stefan: What’s wrong?

Young Maleficent: Iron hurts my wings (es treu l’anell de ferro i el tira)

Young Stefan: I’m sorry, I like you wings.

(s’agafen de les mans. A darrera seu apareixen Maleficent i Stephan de grans mentre el narrador parla)

Narrator: Maleficent and the boy grew up and become good friends and throughout the days, this friendship turned into love.

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