dimecres, 29 de novembre de 2017

SCENE 3 The king wants revenge!

Narrator: The king is dying and he needs a successor, a new king for the humans to marry his daughter, the Queen.

King: Come here, come here everybody.

Helper: Your majesty.

King: When I assended to the thrown… I promised the people (el rei tos mentre parla…) one day we would take the magic kingdom and its treasures… (el rei tos molt).

Helper: Your majesty, are you ok?

King: No... I’m dying. (tos)

Helper: No, we need you here with us. You are our king.

King: I was defeated in battle…. and its Maleficients fault! (crida aquesta última frase)

Helper: What do you need Sir? Resultat d'imatges de maleficent king

King: I want revenge! I want Maleficent ‘s wings.

Helper: Your majesty...but she is a fairy!

King: Kill that creature and you will take the crown, you will marry my daughter and be the next King! (assenyala la corona)

Helper:  We’ll take care of your daughter

Stefan: (mirant al públic) That’s fantastic. I’ll be the next king.

Helper: Stefan, let’s go! The king wants us to kill Maleficent.  King, if you need anything else, please, ring the bell.

(marxen Stefan i Helper)

King: Maleficent, you are going to die!

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