dimarts, 14 de febrer de 2017


  • Fusta de castell.  Garnaldes de ball. Entren el Prince i la Blancaneus i xoquen.

Narrator: There is love all over the castle today...

Prince: You?

Snow white: You?

Prince: What are you doing here?

Snow white: I live here. I was born here, in this castle.

Prince: Then, you are...

Snow white: I’m the princess.

Prince: I’m the prince of Bellpuig.

Snow white: A prince?

Prince: Yes, Bellpuig is a very beautiful city of Catalonia.

Snow white: Then, can you help me, please?

Prince: Yes, of course. What do you need?

Snow white: My town needs your help. The queen steals everything from them.

Prince: I’ll help you.

(we see the Queen coming into the party)

Snow white: I must go away. See you soon.

Stepmother: One moment my handsome Prince.

( The prince leaves and goes behind the piece of wood)

Stepmother: Guard, bring Snow white. Brighton, come here.

What were  you speaking about with my prince?

Snow white: Your prince? I went for a walk in the town and everybody is poor, really poor.

Stepmother: You left the Castle.??!! Perfect, this is perfect little princess!!. You are very unpolite. Go to your bedroom now

( Snowhite leaves very angry)

Brighton take Snow white to the forest and kill her there.

Brighton: But, the forest is dangerous. She’s only a girl.

Stepmother: Now!

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