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     Castle. Hi ha a escena. La reina, el guard, helper, prince i boy)

Narrator: In the kingdom, everybody knows the bad news.

Brighton: Snow White is dead.

Helper: That’s impossible. Why?
Resultat d'imatges de mirror mirror dwarfs
Brighton: ...Sometimes life is unfair.

Helper: Poor princess. She was so lovely!

Prince: And the prettiest woman in the world...

Stepmother: Well, the prettiest in the world…

Boy: She helped us. She was a good person.

Helper: I can’t believe it!. (She cries)

Stepmother: (with disgust)  Yes, its really sad, but our lives will continue.

Stepmother: Brighton! Go to town and bring me the taxes.

Brighton: I’m not sure that today is the best day.

Stepmother: Go now!.

Stepmother: Prince, do you want to go with me for a walk?

Prince: Ok.

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