dimarts, 14 de març de 2017



Narrator: Look! someone is coming  and he looks very angry…. probably because the dwarfs stole everything he had.

Prince:  Little dwarfs, come here!, we want the Queens’ money. 

( the dwarfs go up the stage to fight. Snow white hides behind the forest wood)

dwarf 1: Are you sure?

dwarf 2: We will take your jacket again!

dwarf 3: What are you doing here?

Prince:  We want the money back!

Boy:  Well, if it’s possible…

Prince:  Possible? Give me the money!! I’m the Prince of Bellpuig!

dwarf 4: The Prince!

( they fight and the dwarfs take his jacket and sword )

dwarf 5: Another jacket, perfect!

Snow white:  Very good, little dwarfs. ( she turns around and sees that is the Prince) And you? What are you doing here?

Boy: You are alive.

Prince:  We want the Queens’ money.

Snow white:  She’s very bad, I told you.  Are you helping her?

Prince:  You, you are a “traitor”

Snow white:  Me?  Go away and explain the Queen that now, this money is for the people from the kingdom.

Boy: Yes, yes, we will leave now.

(the Prince leaves very angrily and the boy was really scared )

dwarf 6: Perfect Snow white.

dwarf 7: Snow White, Snow White!!!! (calling her )

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