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Narrator: Mirror, mirror, on the wall……. her information will be very important for this story.

Stepmother:  What are doing without your jacket again?

Prince: Well… Snow White stole it, again!

Stepmother:  Snow White? Are you drunk?

Prince: No! It was Snow white. You lied to me.

Stepmother:  Snow white is dead. Right Brighton?

Brighton:  Right. It could have been another girl that looked like Snow white.

Prince: No! She was Snow White.

Stepmother:  I need to be alone. Go away!
( The mirror comes out from behind the wood)

Stepmother:  Mirror, mirror, on the wall where is Snow white?

Mirror: Snow white is in the forest. She lives in a little house with seven dwarfs.

Stepmother:  No!

Mirror: Yes, Brighton didn’t kill her and now she is very happy there. She is learning defend herself.

Stepmother:  Help me!

Mirror: Do you want to get married to the Prince?

Stepmother:  Yes

Mirror: But, you will have to pay a big price for it

Stepmother:  Thats not a problem.

Mirror: Put this potion in his glass and he’ll love you very much.

Stepmother:  Thank you

Mirror: Remeber the price will be big.

Stepmother:  Big, big, give me the potion.

Mirror: Put this potion in his glass and he’ll love you very much.

Stepmother:  Perfect!

Prince, Where are you?

Prince: Hello Queen. Do you ever think about Snow white?

Stepmother:  Yes, lets have a drink. I want to be your friend.

Prince: Cheers!

(the prince faints and falls, when he wakes up he looks lovingly at the stepmother)

Prince: My darling, do you want to marry me?

Stepmother: Yes, of course. One moment, I will get ready.

( the Queen leaves)
(Snow white and the dwarfs go up the stage )

dwarf 1: Come here, come with us.

Prince: Noooo, I love the Queen

( they grab him and take him down)
(wedding music)
( the stepmother goes up)

Stepmother: Prince? Where are you? Aaaargh, Snow White ( yelling )

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