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Narrator: The queen loves the Prince. Brighton is going to town to collect taxes and Snow white is in dwarfs’ house.

Brighton: I have got all the taxes. The queen will be very happy and she is going to marry me.

dwarf 1: Stop

Resultat d'imatges de mirror mirror dwarfsdwarf 2: Who are you?

Brighton: I’m a poor man.

dwarf 3: Your clothes look good.

dwarf 4: What’s in the bag?

Brighton: Food...

dwarf 5: Perfect. I’m hungry.

dwarf 6: It’s not food! it’s money!!! and a lot of money....

Brighton: This money is for the Queen.

dwarf 1: For the queen. Go away (he pushes him so he’ll go away)

Brighton: The queen will be very angry. Bad luck!

Snow White:  Whose money is this?

dwarf 7: We stole it from the Queen

Snow White:  From the Queen? Then you stole it from the town.

dwarf 2: They have  a lot of money.

Snow White:  Give it to me.

dwarf 3: No, now this money is ours!

dwarf 4: Yes, the Queen  vanished us from her kingdom some years ago.

dwarf 5: Yes, because we were ugly.

Snow White:  I’ll give this money to people.

 ( she starts to run, while Snow White and the dwarfs come down; the town people go up )

Snow White:  This money is yours

People 1:  Thank you so much.

People 2:  We need this to live. We haven’t got food.

People 3:  Who is  returning this money to us?

Snow White:  They are! ( the dwarfs start going up the stage )

dwarf 6: Well, we...

People 4:  Thank you so much. You stole our money from the queen. You are our heroes!!!.

dwarf 7: Yes, we stole it from the queen just for you.

People: Hurray!!!

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