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     Castle. Hi ha a escena. La reina, el guard, helper, prince i boy)

Narrator: In the kingdom, everybody knows the bad news.

Brighton: Snow White is dead.

Helper: That’s impossible. Why?
Resultat d'imatges de mirror mirror dwarfs
Brighton: ...Sometimes life is unfair.

Helper: Poor princess. She was so lovely!

Prince: And the prettiest woman in the world...

Stepmother: Well, the prettiest in the world…

Boy: She helped us. She was a good person.

Helper: I can’t believe it!. (She cries)

Stepmother: (with disgust)  Yes, its really sad, but our lives will continue.

Stepmother: Brighton! Go to town and bring me the taxes.

Brighton: I’m not sure that today is the best day.

Stepmother: Go now!.

Stepmother: Prince, do you want to go with me for a walk?

Prince: Ok.


Tancar les llums de l’escari es fa llum amb unes llanternes. Fusta de bosc.

Narrator: Everything is dark and scary and the little princess is alone in the dangerous forest.

Snow white: Please, don’t kill me!

Brighton: Turn around. ( he unties her )

Snow white: I don’t want to die as my daddy.

Brighton: Run and go away from the kingdom as far as you can.

(música de por i les llanternes es van movent; sobren les llums de l’escenari. Quan hi torna haver llum a l’escenari, les llanternes es queden quietes, s’afluixa la música )

Snow white: Where am I? I’m alone in this dangerous forest. ( she faints )

( música calmada, van sortint els nans i quan i són tots la Blancaneus es desperta )

Snow white: Where am I?

dwarf 1: You are near our house.

dwarf 2: Who are you?

Snow white: I’m Snow white

dwarf 3: Snow white? That`s impossible

dwarf 4: Show white is a “troll”

dwarf 5: She lives in the castle tower

dwarf 6: Maybe, she's another Snow white?

dwarf 7: Another Snow White????

dwarf 1: No, sorry, thats not a tipycal name.

dwarf 2: Who is your daddy?

Snow White: The king.

dwarf 3: She is Snow white!!!. The real Snow white ……..and she isn’t a “troll”

dwarf 4: We will get a lot of money if we return her.

Snow White: No, no one will pay for me. The queen wants me dead.

dwarf 5: Why does the queen want you dead?

dwarf 6: She’s very bad.

dwarf 7: Yes, very bad.

dwarf 1: It’s time for you to go away.

Snow White: No, please, only one night.

dwarf 2: Ok, only one day.

Snow White: What are your names?

dwarf 1: Happy

dwarf 2: sneezy

dwarf 3: Sleepy

dwarf 4: bashful

dwarf 5: doc

dwarf 6: grumpy

dwarf 7: wolf

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  • Fusta de castell.  Garnaldes de ball. Entren el Prince i la Blancaneus i xoquen.

Narrator: There is love all over the castle today...

Prince: You?

Snow white: You?

Prince: What are you doing here?

Snow white: I live here. I was born here, in this castle.

Prince: Then, you are...

Snow white: I’m the princess.

Prince: I’m the prince of Bellpuig.

Snow white: A prince?

Prince: Yes, Bellpuig is a very beautiful city of Catalonia.

Snow white: Then, can you help me, please?

Prince: Yes, of course. What do you need?

Snow white: My town needs your help. The queen steals everything from them.

Prince: I’ll help you.

(we see the Queen coming into the party)

Snow white: I must go away. See you soon.

Stepmother: One moment my handsome Prince.

( The prince leaves and goes behind the piece of wood)

Stepmother: Guard, bring Snow white. Brighton, come here.

What were  you speaking about with my prince?

Snow white: Your prince? I went for a walk in the town and everybody is poor, really poor.

Stepmother: You left the Castle.??!! Perfect, this is perfect little princess!!. You are very unpolite. Go to your bedroom now

( Snowhite leaves very angry)

Brighton take Snow white to the forest and kill her there.

Brighton: But, the forest is dangerous. She’s only a girl.

Stepmother: Now!

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      Fusta de bosc. A dalt de l’escenari hi ha els poors.

Narrator: Some years ago this town was an amazing town, everybody was happy and everything was perfect, but now, evererybody is poor and sad.

People 1: Sorry, have you got some food?

Snow white: No... sorry.  What happened here? When I was a child I came here and everybody was dancing and really happy.

People 2: That was some years ago.

People 3: Now, we are very poor. No food, no money, no happiness.

People 4: We must give a lot of money to the Queen and the princess.

(Brighton arrives: Snow white hides )

Brighton: Listen people, everybody here.

People 1: What`s happening now?

People 2: More taxes?

Brighton: Yes, more taxes. I’ll come tomorrow to pick them up.

People 3: But, we can’t. We haven’t got any money.

People 4: What does the Queen need more money for?

Brighton: Have you forgotten the dangerous and hungry dwarfs, and the beast? We have to protect you! See you tomorrow.

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      Fusta de Castell i cadira de la reina.

Guard 1: Somebody wants to speak with you.

Stepmother: I can’t, I haven’t got time.

Guard 1: Is a young boy, he is almost naked.

Stepmother: Then... perfect. Come in!
Prince: Hello Queen, I’m the Prince of Bellpuig.

Stepmother: Hello, nice to meet you. What do you need?

Prince: First, a coat, please, I’m cold.

Stepmother: Mmmm ( she can’t remember  Brightons’ name )

Brighton: Brighton!

Stepmother: Brighton please, bring a coat for the Prince of Bellpuig.

Brighton: Yes, in a minute my Queen.

Stepmother: Is Bellpuig a poor town?

Boy: No, is a beautiful and productive city. Our crops are perfect and everybody lives happily there.

Stepmother: Today there is a party in my castle, please, relax in one of the bedrooms and come to the party with us later.

Prince: Perfect, thank you very much.

( the guard walks with the prince and the boy)

Stepmother: Brighton.

Brighton: Yes my darling.

Stepmother: Stop, I´m not your darling. We will have a fantastic party and I´ll get married to the Prince. He has got a lot of money.

Brighton: But, how will you pay for the party?

Stepmother: I´ll steal it from the people

Brighton: But… they are so poor.

Stepmother: Go, go, go. I need to get ready for the party.